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Welcome to Solvik Folk High school

Solvik is a folk high school, which is a Scandinavian type of adult education centre.

This means a school where students come together from all sorts of backgrounds to study according to their interests. The school has a boarding with rooms for 60 persons. By choosing this alternative you are provided a room of your own, breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee in the excellent restaurant. You will also have a very good opportunity of making friends with people from all over Sweden and abroad.

Many students also stay in their own homes, in the neighbouring villages and in the town of Skellefteå. All in all there are around 175 participants at Solvik Folk High School.

Solvik is situated by the sea in the county of Västerbotten in northern Sweden, 17 km north of Skellefteå,  in a beautiful rural area. Click here to learn how to find us.

The school is run by the EFS, which is a revival movement within the Church of Sweden.
This means that the school is built on Christian values. Our school stresses a holistic approach to the human being, where body, soul and mind are equally important. Solvik is well known for its friendly and open atmosphere and anyone is welcome no matter of belief. To make sure that everyone will feel at home at the boarding home, Solvik wants to offer a refuge from alcohol and other drugs.

Various courses at Solvik

  • The General Course, where all compulsory school subjects are studied. By completing the mandatory courses you will be qualified for general admission to universities and colleges in Sweden.
    Four lessons a week are optional, you can choose to study art, computering, photographing or international issues.
  • The Fine Arts Course provides a wide artistic basis and qualification for higher art and design studies.
  • The Music Class provides a good musical basis for higher music education as well as an excellent insight in the roots of afro-American music such as gospel, blues, jazz and soul. By the end of the school year you will be touring around Sweden as a closely-knit gospel choir accompanied by a competent instrumental band.
  • Courses for people with disabilities.

Many possibilites

You will meet participants ranging from various ages and backgrounds in the courses at Solvik. The localities are modern, appropriate and well adapted for people with disabilities. Computers, internet and a photo lab are provided. The music studio is open for students studying at the afro/gospel course. Art students boarding at the school are able to use the artist studios and graphic printing workshop round the clock. The climbing wall in the sports hall is frequently used by the students.


You can find shops, banks, post office and health service in Kåge, 5 km from Solvik.
Skellefteå, “the golden town” is a medium-sized town offering all kinds of service and arrangements.
Swimming baths are available in Skellefteå and in Byske, 15 km to the north.
The beaututiful surroundings of forests and open rural landscape near the sea offers an excellent opportunity to do outdoor sports and wildlife activies. The forest rivers of Byske, Kåge and Åbyn (20 km north of Byske) provide a few of the finest fishing waters in Sweden.

Contact information

Solviks Folkhögskola
Frostkåge 105
S-934 92 Kåge


+46 910 732000


Opening hours
Monday – Friday  8am -3pm